NFT Collections


The collection principle is a major characteristic of NFT marketplaces. It may represent an infinite or limited variation of the subject, and be built around a very personal universe. Creating a collection allows an artist or a brand to attract attention to a global artistic or marketing project. The most successful or popular collections often gather around them an active community on social media and attract the attention of investors.

Create your very own personalized NFT Collection by choosing between a Single Token Collection (WRC-721) and a Multi Token Collection (WRC-1155). The option you select depends on whether you wish the collection to include collectibles which are unique or that are made of several copies.

You can personalize a collection to your liking by editing the name, image, description, etc… Creating a collection is a necessary step towards minting NFTs.


In Openzoo, you can navigate all existing user collections. Each collection card displays all input details by the creator, including the type of collection (WRC-721 or WRC-1155), the categories selected, the number of NFTs minted and the number of current owners.